Hollowing 3D

3D Hollowing is a simulation. It will give you a preview of what adding additional geometry to your 3D model could look like. This is done by creating a new, low polygon surface as an internal cavity inside  your 3D model.

How to 3D hollow an object

  1. Select the object you wish to hollow from the Lychee Scene.
  2. Under Prepare > Hollow > Hollowing 3D.
  3. Using the slicer or typing in, choose the desired Thickness and Quality.
    • If you have a preset, click the Gear icon to Save or Load your Hollowing 3D preset.
  4. Click on Add/Update, all selected objects will be be given the chosen properties. 
  5. Use the Layer Preview Slider to review the 3D hollowing effect.


Thickness will allow you to set the wall thickness. This is the wall between the outer shell and the newly created cavity in your object.

  • Smaller objects will limited on how thick the wall can be.
  • Can be set between 0.5mm and 10.0mm at 0.1mm increments. 

Hollowing and it’s functions are  located under

1. Prepare > 2. Hollow >  3. Hollow 3D or 2D

Hollowing a model will reduce the weight, cross-section and the resin consumption of your prints. There is not a single function that will save you more money and help you get better results then hollowing, epically 3D hollowing.


3D Hollowing Quality allows you to determine the resolution or quality of the hollowed cavity.

  • More polygons will give you a  more accurate 3D hollow. 
  • Can be set between 1, low polygon  to 4.0 high poly count.
  • More system resources will be required to process the higher quality settings.

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