Objects List

The object list is located in all three workspaces on the viewport’s left on top of the toolbar.

Access all the information about the models:

  • Object thumbnail.
  • The number of vertices, polygons, and holes.
  • Display a warning if the model has a defect.
  • Ram usage.

Manage the objects in the scene:

  • Rename an object, double click to edit.
  • Change the visibility.
  • Access the Object Notes.
  • Toggle the Hollowing 2D on/off.
  • Change the object order.

Click on the button labeled Objects to open the list, then click on the triangle on the right to expand the information for each model listed.


  • Use the gear icon in the bottom right corner to sort the models by name or import order automatically. You can’t reorder the object manually.
  • Click and drag on the eye icon to quickly change the visibility of multiple. Doesn’t work with a tablet, only a mouse.

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