Hollowing 2D

Your 3D  model is not altered in any way.  Instead Lychee slicer will  back out the  inner pixels of each slice. By doing this, the printer wont cure any resin in the areas displayed in black in the slicer.

All the other features like the hollowing blockers or the holes are compatible with the hollowing 3D.

How to 2D hollow an object

  1. Under Prepare, Hollow, Hollowing 2D.
  2. Under Preview toggle the feature ON. This will apply 2D hollowing to all objects in the Lychee Slicer Scene. Unless 3D hollowing has been applied overwriting 2D hollowing per object.
  3. Use the sliders or type in your desired settings for Dimming and Infill.
    • If you have a preset, click the Gear icon to Save or Load your Hollowing 2D preset.
  4. Use the layer slider to review the 2D hollowing effect.


Allows you to set the thickness of the wall between the outer shell and blocked out area represented in black.

Can be set between 0.5mm and 10.0mm at 0.1mm increments.


Fade every adjacent pixel in a checkerboard pattern from off -> grey -> on

  • Can be Enabled or Disabled according to your preference.


  • Sets the Percent of the infill that will be converted to an autogenerated support suture.
  • Can be set to 0% no infill, to 100% full infill. 
  • Apply a Gray value to the infill. 
  •  Allows you to cure the resin to a softer hardness than the shell of the print. The lower the % the softer the cure will be. Going to a low value will cause the infill structure to not fully form. 
  • Set the diameter of each lattice structure that makes up the infill. 
  • Can be set between 0.8mm and 3mm in 0.1mm increments. 


Pick the pattern of infill structure.

  1. Lattice
  2. Double Lattice

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