The Raft tool located in the Prepare workspace on the left of the viewport lets you add support structure between the build plate and your model.

The goal of the raft is to improve the adhesion of the model and the supports to the build plate to increase the success rate of your prints.

It can also help remove the print from the build plate without breaking the model’s support.

The downside is the increased resin consumption which can vary depending on the raft type you have selected.

The line triangle is one of the best choices to get a good balance between good adhesion and minimal resin consumption.

To add a raft, select a model first, then click on the raft tool.

Once active, you will have access to a panel on the right side to select a raft type or no raft if you want to remove it.

Raft types :

  • Disabled
  • Cylinder
  • Cube
  • Pixelate
  • Rectangle
  • Grid
  • Pixelated round
  • Line triangle
  • Shape
  • Shape Wall

Free users have access to a limited selection of rafts types, pro & premium have access to the more advanced rafts.

Once you have applied a raft to a model, you can tweak the settings to customize it. Depending on the type, you will have more or fewer options available.


  • You can print without a raft. In most cases, a raft is not required.
  • Keep the raft thickness small. 0.5-1.5mm is enough in most cases. No need to use a higher value.
  • Increasing the raft’s surface can be a problem, as the layers will have a higher surface area, increasing the risk of delamination.

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