Magic Button

Available in Free, Pro, and Premium editions of Lychee Slicer 

The Magic tool allows you to perform all the operations required to prepare your 3D model for 3D printing. You can choose to do 100% automatic preparation or choose only specific actions to perform to have better control over the result of the tool.

  • Auto Orientation: Tries to find the best orientation for the selected model, taking its shape into account.
  • Auto Supports: Adds supports automatically to the model to support islands and overhangs and enhance its stability. Uses the Light, Medium or Heavy Support Preset.
  • Optimize Supports: Performs an analysis of the supports created during the previous step by trying to group several of them together and then merging some of their parts. The goal is to limit the number of supports and resin used. 
  • Bracing Supports: Adds a reinforcement between the supports to give them stability. This operation is recommended especially on medium and large models.
  • Raft: Adds a specialized structure under the 3D model and its supports to ensure the adhesion of the whole on the 3D printer’s build plate. 
  • Support Presets: This allows you to choose the support size and associated parameters used by the automatic support creation tool. It is recommended to choose the default value, Medium.

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