The move tool, located in the Layout workspace on the left of the viewport let you move the selection of 3D models along the three different axes, X, Y, and Z. 

Click on the tool icon to launch it or T on your keyboard.

A manipulator will appear at the center of the selection, offering different actions. (You have no way to change the manipulator placement)

  • Click and drag on the arrow to move the selection according to the direction of the arrow. It will force the movement along this axis and only this axis.
  • Click and drag on the square located at the basis of two arrows, to move the selection according to the plane of these two axes.
  • Click on the 3D octahedron at the center of the Gizmo to move the selection on the screen working plane.

The tool includes different sub-tools located at the bottom of the viewport, offering more actions:


This action will center the selection on the center of the scene, along the XY working plane. If the model is not on the floor, it will remain at its current height.

On platform

This action will move the bottom of the selection strictly to the floor. It will only move it along the Z-axis.

Arrange All

This action will organize all the objects on the scene in a way to find an optimum location. It will only move them and will not perform any rotation.

Original File position

By default, Lychee Slicer moves the imported file to the center of the scene. This action will read the data of the imported 3D file and will move to its original position when exported from the modeling software. 

Tip: Pressing the Shift key will click and dragging on the gizmo will move by an increment of 5 mm (you can’t change the spacing).

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