Support Presets

To get started using Manual Supports

Open Lychee Slicer, navigate to:
1. Prepare > 2. Support > 3. Manual. With the model you want to support selected,  > 4.  select a Preset.

Custom Presets
Light, Medium, Heavy

With Lychee Free you get three presets you can use – Light, Medium and Heavy.
For each preset, you can adjust:

  1. Tip Diameter is the size of the point that will make contact with the model. It’s best to find a good balance of quantity and size of supports for the best results.
    • The larger the diameter, the more strength the tip will have to hold onto the model. This will also leave a much larger impact site on the final product. 
    • Too small and there won’t be enough strength to hold during the print causing the supports to fail. 
  2. Tip Length is the length between the main support shaft and the end of the tip.
    • Lychee will try to angle the tip so that it’s coming off of the model at a proximity of a 90-degree angle. The length of the support tip can be very important to the failure or success of this. 
    • For complex shapes you may find yourself adjusting this value after placing a support to find the best angles.
  3. Diameter is the diameter of the support shaft from the base to the tip.
    • It’s best practice to set the diameter to be slightly thicker as you increase the tip size. This can make it easy to visually identify each support type.  

Override Presets – Free

With Lychee Slicer Free, you have access to three presets with limited customization. 

Lychee Slicer Pro gives you three additional presets in the Preset Library and over 17 additional customization points!

To customize your presets, first enter new values under

1. Tip Diameter – Tip Length –  Diameter
Important! It does not matter what pre-set is highlighted in blue.

2Click on the Custom dropdown

3. Select Override Preset (In this example, we select ‘Override Preset Light’)

You can also reset supports to defaults – With Pro, you can also export/import presets.

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