Blockers are a function of the 3D hollowing simulation. Not to be confused with a solidified 3D hollowing.

They will prevent Lychee Slicer from generating a 3D cavity in any area they occupy.

They cannot be used to fill in an existing hollowed area or suction cups created by the objects geometry.

Blockers have two distinct ways they can function.

  1. Directly Slice your Object:
    • Opposite of holes or 2D hollowing, any areas occupied by a blocker will be activated. Curing resin to fill that area.
  2. Export a 3D hollowed object with blockers occupying a void.
    • The exported geometry will not extend beyond the space occupied by the blocker. 

Show Wireframe


  • The outlines of the placed blockers will remain visible


  • The outlines of the placed blockers will be hidden unless you’re in the Add/Edit Blocker interface

Add/Edit Hollowing Blocker

  • Pick between three basic shapes to place into the scene.
    • Cylinder, Cube or Sphere
  • Once a shape has been placed use the axis modifiers to scale, move or rotate the blocker to the desired location.
  • Duplicate will make a copy of any selected blocker. 
  • Exit to return to the Prepare menu.

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