Resin Printer Cleaning

1000% better scraper

This is amazing ! You won’t ever use your other scraper again.

I very highly recommend this!

Silicone Mat

Keep your area clean, these animal mats are cheap and large. They work VERY well !

Larger paint strainers

Used for cleaning IPA and Resin. The larger ones help prevent spills.

Soft Silicone Spatula

Large for mixing, very soft and flexible to not damage your FEP.

I very highly recommend this !


For no hassle and mess of emptying your VAT.


You only want the red one, the other ones you can use for whatever else.


Paint filters are fantastic as you can cure and throw away the mess.

KimTech Wipes

When you NEED to clean the FEP mostly when switching resins. Use these to not scratch the FEP.

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