Support Removal

I highly recommend you heat up the supports, then quickly remove the supports while they are hot. If you choose to do this using a heat source, you NEED to wear a mask.

Hot Water Method

Put the print in a bucket of hot water and let it sit for about 30 seconds, then remove the supports. The result is pretty good, however, I don’t use or go into detail on this method as it has some major drawbacks.

  1. Some resins react with the water, especially if you leave them in there for too long.
  2. Heating the water adds time and more equipment as you don’t want to mix this process with your kitchen.
  3. Disposable of the now contaminated water. IT CAN NOT be dumped in the drain. Leave it in the sun and allow it to evaporate before dumping the build-up resin.
  4. Models wet with water take 6x longer to dry than wet with IPA, even longer if they are hollow.

Three examples of why I recommend this, best to watch these with sound.

If the resin smokes you got it too hot. This will not ruin the model as by now you have removed 99% of all extra resin, but it will create toxic smoke. I use this model because it has a low heat setting. Don’t use the high setting and melt a glove to your hand please.

Warm supports almost just fall off leaving less damage.

Remove any leftover supports using precision tools, I use this set of dental tools.

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