My version of a Wash Station

The total price is $116.43 or $58 per unit.

2x Cyclone Dirt Trap

This is used to keep the heavy dissolved resin in the bottom of the bucket.

4.25 Gal Bucket

2 -pack, this is great as you want 2 of these.

Leak-Proof Seal Lids

2 pack – This will keep the IPA from evaporating and getting out into your area.

2x Metal internal strainer 20qt

This will not leave marks on your parts. Lifting this in and out of the IPA will clean them very well even hollowed prints.

Finally the handle on the bucket is a bit too big, it’s easy to remove and can be replaced with a wire, or a metal coat hanger. 

Don’t add more than 3 gallons of liquid per bucket.

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