Cleaning your FEP

See my video on how to properly clean you FEP here

Do this after every print unless you use the silicone spatula method to stir and check your FEP before every print. Most 3D printers have a tank clean option, see your manual on where to find this function.

Keep a stash of tall supports that you can use as handles to easily remove the cured resin from the tank clean process.

  1. Place one of the saved supports near the edge or corner.  Lightly press the Raft of the support against your FEP. 
  2. Run your Tank Clean Option normally for 10 seconds. In some printers it’s called exposure.
  3. Pull on the support towards the center of the VAT. This should peel the cured resin off of the FEP along with any trash from previous prints.

Move the cured sheet of resin away from your printer and cure it the rest of the way before disposable.

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