Model Sizes

Now that your bed is level and you have your baseline it’s time to apply it to the different sizes of models.

Small Models

Print at your baseline.

Small prints are very forgiving. You can also get away with a lower burn in layer time. Often around 15 seconds.

Example of small Models

Medium Models

Medium model settings will be used the most. They can be used for small to medium large prints. Add 4-8 seconds to your burn in layers.

Example of Medium Models

Large Models

Larger objects come with new issues: gravity and large cross sections increasing suction force.

Suction force is the pulling force your printer has to use to pull the model off of the FEP.

  • Add ~10 seconds to your burn in layers and slow down your lift speed to 40 mm/m.
  • For thick models with a large cross section you have to have light off delay of 3 seconds for normal layers. 
  • If your printer allows independent “burn in” layer “light off delay”, do 5 seconds.
  • Always hollow large models if you can, more on hollowing to follow.

Example of Large Models

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