Can you Over Cure resin 3D prints?

No, but also yes.

Fast ABS like “hard” resins, the UV reaction will continue till there are no more binders to react to the UV light. At this point the resin is fully cured & more UV will have no effect.

Flexible, clear or Cast resins, you CAN over cure them. But in post curing, and when printing. Be careful using a calibration part that could lead to overcuring. These need to be cured in a way that preserves the color, flexibility or burn out. It’s best to follow the manufactures post cure processes.

Wear a mask and UV glasses when using a UV light. When using a cure station, leave the room. This will create toxic fumes.

If you don’t have a cure station I recommend the Beast UV Flashlight. Remember always wear UV glasses, or you can go blind, your choice.

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