If you ever see these large bumps on your 3D print it could mean a few things.

  • Not enough supports and/or your support tips are oversized.
  • The weight of your model is creating too much surface tension.
  • Massive peel force, caused by large cross-sections.
  • Resin flow causing cross-curing

As volcanoes can be caused by multiple things there can be different ways to resolve it

  • Add a LOT more supports with ~0.4mm tips
  • Reduce the weight by using hollowing
  • Reduce the cross-section by hollowing or different orientations on the plate. But not forgetting the skyscraper method.
  • If you have the skill, slice the model into smaller parts. This resolves issues 1-2. You can even place the supports in sections that will be internal, completely hiding support damage in the final product.
  • If the model is too flat, the resin won’t drain between layers. The UV light will penetrate several layers and cure trapped resin around the supports.

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