Nothing on the Build Plate 

  1. Make sure that your resin is mixed well, including squeegee the FEP to pull in the layer that separates from the resin.
  2. Print above 20c, preferred 25-30c.
  3. Be sure your Build Plate is properly leveled, see #5.
  4. A FEP free from excessive damage.
  5. A clean LCD free from any fibers or streaks.
  6. 4-6 burn in layers, 3-6 transition layers.
  7. Increase burn in time by + or – 4.0s till the model sticks but is still easy to remove.
  8. What works for one size of object, may not work for another. Use the Small, Medium and Large method I talk about in this guide to calibrate for each.
  9. You need more Light off delay (Waite Before Print).
  10. Your Retract Speeds are too fast. Try to keep them under 100mm/m. If your printer supports TSMC, slow down to under 60mm/m for the final 1-2mm.

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