Just the supports

When your build plate looks like this it means really one thing and one thing only.

Not enough support, but why would I say this is most likely the cause ?

What do we know?

  1. The rafts are not lifted in any of the corners but are secure to the build plate, this means;
    1. Burn in layers are correct.
    2. The build plate is level.
  2. The supports are fully formed down to the tips, this means;
    1. It’s not an issue with under exposure. Please STOP adding UV exposure time to resolve an under supported model.
    2. The USB drive is in good condition.
    3. The models do not have bad geometry. This would cause some parts to fail and others to print.
    4. The pulling force (Bed raise speed) is probably not an issue.
  3. The supports are different showing multiple models of different heights and size,  this means;
    1. It’s not an issue with room temperature changing, as this would cause failures at different places on different models.
    2. It’s not a suction issued caused by a larger model
    3. It’s not a weight issue caused by a large cross section.

After eliminating a lot of things, what’s left? Well, not enough support.

The fix: Increase support contact with the model.

  1. If you have Lychee Pro, see this video. If you don’t have Lychee Pro, keep reading.
  2. Add 4x times the supports, and yes I do mean 4x at minimum.
  3. Make sure you’re using the correct support sizes.
    1. Medium support tip of 0.40 mm is the correct size to anchor any models of any size if you have enough.
    2. Light supports, like the ones you see in this example are ONLY used to keep small details.
    3. Do not attempt to use lightsupports in any quantity to keep a model to the plate.

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