Lychee Slicer crashes when I slice

There can be several things causing Lychee Slicer to crash at slicing:

Computer configuration:

Check that your computer meets the recommended requirements.

Remember that these recommendations are for 2K and 4K printers and that with higher resolution printers, you will need a more powerfull computer.

Force High GPU Mode to tell Lychee Slicer to use your graphics card in priority

Printer and settings:

As mentioned previously, the resolution of your 3D printer is important for the slicing stage. Depending on the size of your model/project you can change the settings to optimise slicing depending on the screen resolution.

Same thing goes with Anti-Aliasing. The higher the AA levels, the more power Lychee Slicer will need. Not all 3D printing projects need Anti-Aliasing and you can slice without it and still get great results if your printer has a high resolution.

Project File:

Another reason Lychee Slicer might crash at slicing is if the model needs repairing. You can see a model is broken in Lychee Slicer when it appears red instead of blue. You can use the Repair Tool or a 3D design program to repair the file before slicing.

If your model has an abormaly high polygon count, Lychee Slicer could struggle at the slicing stage. Try with a lighter file/model to double-check you are able to slice.

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