My printer stopped working at layer XX and is not responding

Your printer may seem to be on pause during the printing process, while you didn’t ask for such action. Pressing on the touch screen/buttons is not performing the associated actions showing you that your printer is frozen. The only possible action possible is to restart it.

This issue can affect all printers from all brands.

The probable cause of this issue is mainly related to the USB stick (or SD/Micro SD cards), which may be corrupted. Most low-cost 3D printers (sub $1000) are often provided with very cheap USB sticks, and it’s well known that they often electronically break or corrupt the data. (Same for FDM 3D printers)

The 3D printing process can be several hours long with constant access to the USB stick reading data to print, then low-quality USB sticks tend to fail very quickly.

We advise you to purchase a brand/high-quality USB stick of a reasonable size (16-32 Gb) and format it in Fat32. Some printers also support the exFAT file system.

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